Hiring Managers Losing Candidates Due to Rejection of Job Offers

Shanghai – 24 April 2017 – More than 42% of potential candidates in China turned down job offers?for various reasons, according to ZW HR Consulting, a Chinese mid-senior level staffing solutions and talent management services provider.

The most common reason for rejecting job offers among the surveyed was counter offers. Most candidates would decline a job offer if another company gave them a better offer than what the current company offers them, bringing many HR managers back to square one.

Another significant reason candidates declined offers was a slow hiring process by the company. When this happens, candidates get access to other options and have more time to rethink their decisions before making the next move. Significant delay in feedback could be frustrating enough to make the potential employee turn down the job offer. From the candidate’s point of view, they would not have faith in the company anymore if they took too long to make the offer.

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Other reasons cited included:

  • Candidates would reject an offer if they were doubtful of their position and the role in the company .
  • Candidates felt that the company location would be a reason to turn down the offer.
  • Candidates felt that without life- work balance provided by the offer would make them reject the offer.

“It is more prevalent in the job market these days that candidate will initially receive an invitation for an interview from a Hiring Manager, go through either an on-site or Web-based interview, and then…nothing!,” said Frank Yu, chairman for ZW HR Consulting. “Two, three, four weeks later (or more) candidates hear back from the company that they’re ready to hire him. Unfortunately, candidate has accepted another position in another company for whatever varying reason.”

Key solutions to ensure a reduction in the decline to job offers were found to be identification of key selection criteria and mapping them with candidates’ aspiration, competitive salary, checking on candidate’s attitude and behaviour, among others.

“During the initial interview, the hiring manager should ask questions that will give you access to the candidates’ emotional motivators driving both their “go” and “stay” decisions with respect to work,” said ZW HR Consulting General Manager Joyce Jing. “Hiring managers should also keep in contact in with the candidates during the entire recruitment process to find out whether anything has changed (at work and at home) that could significantly affect the decision to leave their current employer and seek an alternative position.”

The survey’s findings have been drawn from the views of HR professionals from more than 1,500 organizations in China.

About ZW HR Consulting

ZW HR Consulting provides recruitment solutions focused on mid-senior level professionals. Originally founded in Shanghai in 1998, ZW HR has since grown into one of the biggest and the oldest headhunting recruitment firms in China. With 10 offices across Asia, ZW HR Consulting currently has over 200 employees. As of 2012, ZW HR Consulting has become an exclusive member of InterSearch Worldwide. Established in 1989, InterSearch ranks as one of the top international executive search alliance organizations in the world, with 100 offices in over 50 countries.


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