CSR – ZW Cycles for Charity

ZW Cycles for Charity?
ZW HR Consulting’s?7 offices cycle together to raise funds for SOS Children’s Village of China

7?Cities – 120 Employees – Over 800kms accumulated area covered – 1 GREAT CAUSE

Great inspirational accomplishment achieved by a teams of ZW HR Consulting who successfully cycled on 10th November in Shanghai, Beijing, Chengdu, Hangzhou, Ningbo, Tianjin and Suzhou in order to raise funds for the company’s elected charity, SOS Children’s Village of China.

The teams cycled over 800kms (accumulated total coverage) using OfO, Mobike and YongAn bicycles that saw the teams across all the offices coming together to take part in this fundraising event. The amount collected from this activity will be used to improve China’s 10 SOS children’s villages’ condition.



SOS Charity provide orphans with relief in society by being adopted in SOS Children’s Villages across China. Every village has 12-18 families while each family usually fosters 7-8 kids aged below 14 with a single woman recruited to act as a mother. In the past two decades, a great number of orphans were leading a happy life with family’s warm and mother’s love in SOS Children’s Villages.

Frank Yu, Chairman for ZW HR Consulting said, “We feel incredibly privileged to be able to support such an inspirational charity in China and with ZW HR ‘double matching’ all the money that is raised, we hope to make a meaningful impact to the lives of the children in the SOS Village. We would also like to thank OfO and Mobike for providing us with bicycles that were easily accessible across all the cities in China.”



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