Tips to be a successful Intern

My name is Yaqi, and I have been working as an internfor a few months in Shanghai, China. The company I am working for is ZW HR Consulting, who are one of the oldest and largest local executive search firms in China. I have learnt a lot of skills during my time not only as a BD consultant,but as a headhunter as well. According to my experience, the following tips that I think should be noticed when starting an internship, are as follows:

Choose the right companyintern

On your list, choose a company that is in your interested industry, which will make you learn and develop.Avoid the ones that are only the biggest and most famous names, who will not give you any responsibilities, apart from filing papers and making tea etc.

Take initiative

Take the initiative to do your own job and to seize a chance to express yourself.

Never to be free

If you are free, ask your boss for extra tasks. Never ask for anything more before you do your work well, but asking for more tasks shows you are hard working.

Feel free to ask

Don’t be afraid to ask, even if your questions may seem stupid to your colleague or boss. It is better to ask and get it right, rather than assume and get it wrong. That always is the most efficient and effective way

Write down your work

Write down what you do and your thoughts weekly.Any problems, challenges or solutions you have faced could be your treasure in your future career.

Ask for feedback

Check with your boss on your performance every month, and ask for assessment and suggestions to improve.

Be friendly and polite

Saying thanks to everyone who helps you, shows basic manners, and you will not appear rude.

In the end these may appear as common sense, but I hope that by writing my thoughts down and sharing with others, it would allow people to learn more from their internships. Thank you for reading my tips for being an intern. I hope that you find it helpful and interesting.




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